About Us

Ella Baché is a family owned business built on an unyielding passion for creating skincare that delivers effective results.


With over 40 years of educational experience, the Ella Baché College of Skin and Beauty Therapy is recognised as a centre of excellence globally and produces the highest quality Beauty Therapists in the industry.
“With the expertise of an Ella Baché Therapist, you’re in safe hands”

The Ella Baché College of Skin and Beauty Therapy is the college in Australia that offers integration with a skincare brand and commercial business. Therefore many of our graduates have the opportunity to own their own salon, often within two or three years of graduating.


In 2002, Ella Baché embarked on a salon franchise system that had never been implemented in Australia before. We were the first franchise skincare company in Australia.

Our franchise model provides the structure that fully supports our Salon Owners and Therapists. Culturally we nurture our partners, helping them to grow into successful businesses. Ella Baché salons represent our premium brand consistently throughout Australia and communicate our high standard and philosophy as Skincare Experts.

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Ella Baché has the philosophy “no two skins are alike”.  So our commitment is to individual Skin Diagnosis and tailored Solution recommendations.

That’s why we offer the latest diagnostic tools and a product suite at the forefront of the skincare market that addresses all skincare concerns.

Ella Baché is still one of the only skincare companies in Australia that has a dedicated team of researchers to create products specifically for the Australian skin condition.



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